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Apple Polyphenol Suppliers  
Hair Growth Formulas
Apple Poly, LLC has announced the release of Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2, a new topical hair growth formula based on the promising Japanese clinical research in male pattern baldness.

2007: Poly-GRO has been reformulated to deliver more highly purified apple procyanidin B2 than previous formulations. Available now at

Health Supplements
The Apple PolyTM Company is now offering a high-potency pure apple polyphenol extract from apple skins in capsules. You can find them at

Latest tests at Lareal Laboratoire de Recherche Alimentaire in France confirm the superior antioxidant strength of Apple Poly at 25,440 ORAC units per gram.

Pure Procyanidin-rich Apple Polyphenols

  • Products containing high potency apple polyphenol extracts are increasingly available to consumers in Japan, in health supplements, cosmetics, chewing gum, and teas.

  • Cosmetic products containing apple extracts are sold in France, Japan and Switzerland.

  • Recently, one U.S. company has begun offering pure apple polyphenol extract in capsule form.

  • This page will be updated as we discover new products containing apple polyphenol extracts. Check back often, or sign up for the free AP Science news alerts at right.

"Beauty White Supplement"
Available in Japan
Dental Health Products
NEW! Asahi Pharmaceuticals has introduced Cool Dental Candy, a functional soft candy containing xylitol and apple polyphenol extract. Apple polyphenols have been proven to interfere with the replication of S.mutans, a bacteria responsible for tooth decay. No retail supply is available currently.
Health Drinks and Functional Foods
A company leading much of the Japanese research on apple polyphenol extracts has announced plans to market health drinks in the United States some time in 2005.
Bioengineers at Michigan State University are working on polyphenol supplementation of apple cider. No enhanced products are yet available.

U.S. Corporations Kraft and Cadbury Schweppes are both funding research on apple polyphenol extracts for inclusion in potential functional foods. No product news is available at this time.


La Prairie from Switzerland now offers Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum with apple extract for $150.00 for a 1 oz. bottle. Unfortunately, no amount or purity information is given. Cosmetic formulations often use amounts far below useful levels.

The Anti-Wrinkle Firmer
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